Yellowstone Visitor Use Study – Seeking Ideas and Interested Parties

Yellowstone park is planning a multi year visitor study in conjunction with a pre-planning process focused on understanding and managing rapidly increasing summer season visitation.


In 2017, the National Park Service intends to: a) solicit ideas for and understand possible partners to complete this study, b) develop a scope of work and bid a contract for the first phase of this study, and c) obligate funds to complete the first phase of this study involving project design and submission of an OMB package. The subsequent work involved in this study will be completed in 2018-19 under next phases of the contract.


For interested parties, the attached  solicitation is the first step in this process. Note that this step is simply to solicit ideas and understand parties’ interest in this work. It is due on June 22.


The solicitation is available via two different platforms, or you can respond directly following the instructions in the attached document. (for govt. contractors) (for other interested partners)


On each web page above, you will need to search for the posting using the following solicitation number: P17PS01430


Please reach out if you have any questions.


Thank you,




Ryan Atwell

Social Science Coordinator

Yellowstone National Park

Office: 307-344-2511

Cell: 563-299-0467