Management Species, Threatened and Endangered Species Kittlitz’s Murrelet Surveys at Tin City LRRS, Alaska.

General Information

*Issue Date: 13 July 2020
*Application Due Date: 24 August 2020
*Funding Opportunity No: POA-CESU-18-01

Funding Agency: US Army Corps of Engineers Alaska District
2204 3rd St. JBER, AK 99506

Funding Instrument: Cooperative Agreement
Program Title: Legacy Resource Management Program, Sikes Act 670c-1
Period of Performance: 18 months from date of award
Estimated Total Funding: $164,870.00
Anticipated Number of Awards: 1
Eligible Applicants: CESU members

*** There are 7 supporting documents referenced in the SOW that are too large to include*** contact the POC to obtain them.***
Contact Information: Questions that are related to including registration and system requirements should be directed to the contact center at 1-800-518-4726. For assistance with this funding Opportunity Announcement please contact

Instructions for Applicants

  • The complete Funding Opportunity Announcement, application forms and Instructions can be downloaded directly from
  • Applications in response to this Funding Opportunity Announcement must be submitted by 2:00PM Alaska time, on the Application Due Date.
  • Applications may be submitted by mail, e-mail, or via the internet through
  • Each applicant is responsible to ensure their application has been received timely.
  • Applicants will have a Dun and Bradstreet Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number, and registered
  • See section IV of the Funding Opportunity Announcement for complete application submission information

Application and Submission Information

1. Address to Request Application Package

The complete funding opportunity announcement, application forms, and instructions are available for download at NOTE**** There are 7 supporting documents referenced in the SOW that are too large to include*** contact the POC in this RFP to obtain them. ****

USACE is not responsible for any loss of internet connectivity or for an applicant’s inability to access documents posted at the referenced website. The administrative point of contact is Olen Northern, (907) 753-2525,

2. Content and Form of Application Submission

All mandatory forms and any applicable optional forms must be completed in accordance with the instructions on the forms and the additional instructions below.

a. SF 424 – Application for Federal Assistance

b. SF 424 A – Budget Information for Non-Construction Programs

c. Program Narrative – Brief program description illustrating applicant’s ability to meet the goals and objectives described in Section I of the announcement.

Application shall be submitted NO LATER THAN 24 August 2020

Submission Instructions

Applications may be submitted via e-mail and, or the internet. E-mail is the preferred method.

a. Internet:

Applicants may submit proposals through Applicants are responsible for ensuring that their proposal submission is received in its entirety. The Government bears no responsibility for data errors resulting from transmission of conversion processes associated with electronic submissions. The Government will bear no responsibility for delays in submissions due to technical difficulties at or with the website.

All applicants using to submit proposals must be registered and have and account with It may take up to three weeks to complete registration. For more information on registration, go to

b. E-mail: Preferred method

Format all documents to print on Letter (8 ½ x 11”) paper. E-mail proposal to

Application Review information

1. Evaluation for Selection to receive consideration for award, the proposal must meet the requirements set forth in this FOA and be presented with adequate detail to assure the evaluator(s) have a good understanding of the proposed requirement(s). All proposals will be evaluated to determine the extent to which each offeror demonstrates a clear understanding of the requirements of the announcement, Scope of Work (SOW), and FOA.

The offeror shall submit a proposal that completely addresses all evaluation criteria and specifically identifies how each requirement will be satisfied. Technical proposal shall be no longer than 15-pages, font 12 (This page limitation is in addition to all required forms). All questions shall be submitted no later than 25 July 2020 at 2:00PM Alaska time.

2. Basis of Award: The selection decision will be based on the NFE offering the best overall value to the Government, with consideration given to all factors described below (weighted in descending order of importance). Proposals will not be ranked. The Government will not award a Cooperative Agreement to a grantee whose proposal contains a deficiency. The selection will not be based on lowest proposed cost, it will be based on an analysis of each criteria listed below. The proposal document shall be outlined as shown below.

See attachment for more details.