Funding Opportunity Announcement

Greetings NPS CESU Senior Science Advisers,

I am sending this request on behalf of the South Florida Natural Resource Center (SFNRC) of Everglades National Park.  They are requesting proposals for multiple projects from active CESU partners in the following regional networks:

  • Chesapeake Watershed
  • Gulf Coast
  • North Atlantic Coast
  • Piedmont-South Atlantic Coast
  • South Florida and Caribbean

We are requesting you coordinate with your host partner and post the attached Request for Proposals (RFP) to your respective CESU website.  Also please feel free to disseminate this RFP directly to any Principle Investigators in your network you think would be well suited candidates for these projects.  If you prefer let me know and I can go direct with your host institution and coordinate posting of this RFP.  


Your POC for technical inquires is:


Dr David Rudnick

SFNRC, Science Coordinator 

(305) 224-4245  

Request for CESU Proposals Everglades National Park


Feel free to contact me regarding any administrative inquires.


Thank you in advance for your assistance.




Emmett “Collin” Johnson, Financial Assistance Specialist

South Major Acquisition Buying Office

Homestead, FL  33034

W: 305.242.7028