Evaluating Cross‐shore Sediment Grain Size Distribution, Sediment Transport, and Morphological Evolution of Nearshore Placement Sites

General Information

*Funding Opportunity No: W912HZ‐16‐SOI‐0029

Funding Agency: US Army Core of Engineers
Funding Information: The estimated level of funding for FY16 is approximately $65,000. Additional funds, yet to be budgeted for 1 additional year at $60,000 may be available for follow on research and documenting results for a potential total of $125,000 over 2 years.
Project will be Initiated in: 2016
Period of Performance: 12 months

Opportunity Description

Background: The USACE is in the process of evaluating morphological and sedimentological evolution of nearshore berm placements. Because they are generally less costly than beach nourishment and have fewer restrictions on environmental and grain size compatibility regulations, nearshore berm placements are becoming an increasingly utilized form of beneficial use of dredged sediment. It is important to have a better understanding of what happens to the sediment once placed in the nearshore. To that end, tools have been made through research programs at the ERDC to predict whether sediment will move and generally in what direction once placed in the nearshore. However, there is a need to validate and improve these tools, therefore, data from ongoing nearshore berm projects are desired. Specifically, data that illustrate morphological and sedimentological characteristics of the nearshore berm through time are required. Additionally, data regarding cross‐shore grain size distribution of sediments will aid in the understanding of sediment transport characteristics by grain size.


Objective 1: Provide and evaluate data regarding the cross‐shore grain size distribution of sediments in and around a nearshore berm.

Objective 2: Provide and evaluate data illustrating the morphologic evolution of the nearshore berm.

Objective 3: Provide insight into sediment transport pathways around the nearshore berm.

Objective 4: The researcher will take the lead role in preparing a summary report for findings, conclusions, and recommendations from the research and investigations.

Eligibility Information

Vendor must be a non‐federal partner of the South‐Florida Caribbean CESU Unit willing to accept the currently approved indirect cost rate of 17.5%.

Application Process

Please provide the following via e‐mail attachment to:
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Note: A proposed budget is NOT requested at this time.

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